Mitre Impel Max Football


They’ll become part of the squad. Mitres training footballs are crafted with durability in mind – and that’s why they’ll become one of the team. Engineered to be used for extensive periods, using shape-retaining panelling and abrasion resistant outer material. Features differ within training balls with soft-touch and light-weight footballs helping inspire player confidence, and Hyperseam balls giving higher performance. They’re the perfect choice for clubs training on a weekly basis and individual players looking to improve their game.

  • 30-panel construction for hard wearing durability
  • Increased durability with a PU outer material
  • Soft EVA foam backing and Vimini outer texture for enhanced grip and control.
  • Featuring Hyperseam TM technology, with bonded and stitched seams for almost zero water uptake
  • Suitable for grass or Astro surfaces
  • Available in sizes 3,4,5


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